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Question about selling

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your properties are managed to the highest standards, with the goal of providing the best results for both property owners and guests. With 8 years of experience in the tourism industry, we are confident in our ability to handle reservations and guest experiences smoothly. Our success is reflected in the positive feedback we receive from our guests. Our top priority is maintaining high ratings for the properties.

One of the main benefits of short term rental is the potential for higher income. Factors such as location, property condition, season and accessibility, significant contribute to success! Another important advantage for many owners is the flexibility of using the space themselves when it’s not rented out, as it can be utilized for personal use.

  • We offer property management services for your short-term rental property on platforms such as Airbnb,, expedia, vrbo, etc.
  • We handle property listing,
  • communication with customers before and after reservation confirmation,
  • check-in process
  • cleaning arrangement
  • In the case of any damages caused by normal use of the property, we inform you and in cooperation with our partners, we procced with immediate repair/restoration.

Of course! As long as the property is available, you can stay there after coordinating with us. Just keep in mind that this needs to be done in advance and requires there to be no reservations during that time.

The location plays a significant role determining the demand for a property. Specifically, properties located in central locations, close to public transportation, or near places of interest tend to have higher demand from the guests.

At A&D Properties, we are interested in modern or renovated constructions. Mainly summer houses, apartments, studios, villas and boutique apartment/hotels. If you are a property owner, please contact us to arrange a possible collaboration!

Question about selling

Our team, using professional tools, will conduct a market research in the area where the accomodation is located and create an ascending pricing outlook, aiming to maximize your profit and the positive progression of your accomodation bookings.

The tax system of short-term rentals in accomodations that are owned by individuals and not companies is the same as for regular rental income.

Your property security is a priority for us. That’s why pars of our customer engagement strategy is to screen tenants to ensure they have a satisfactory tenant profile through short-term rental platforms.

However, we recommend that property owners take out private insurance to cover dagae and liabilities that may arise from short-term rentals.

Furthermore, Airbnb offers a protection of up to £600,000 to the owners of the properties.

Certainly, we assure that after collaborating with us, you will experience a substantial boost in your reservation rate!

As a property owner, you are only required to make timely payments for your utility bills and keep your property in good condition. We are here to assist you with any necessary repairs and to offer guidance on ways to enhance your property to maximize its earning potential

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